Carling switch info
Part #'s, wiring, etc.

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How to identify Carling rocker switch part #'s

Carling rocker switches have a part # beginning with V and there will be 3 additional alpha/numeric characters.
There are additional numbers not printed that signify options such as lighting, body color, etc. If you have the basic "V" part#,
you can compare it with the other switches on our site with that same "V" part #. Compare the number and location of the terminals
and compare the number, location, and color of the lamps.


CARLING Part number nomenclature chart

Carling Contura specifications
Carling Specifications

Wiring diagram for Bennett Trim Tabs using Carling VLD1 Rocker Switches

Navigation Light wiring options using LT-2561 DPDT ON/OFF/ON

LT 2561 Lighted Tip toggle switch wiring for Navigation Lights
(Similar to diagram above).

LT 2561 and LT 2581 momentary Lighted Tip Toggle Switch Operation.
The "actuator" is the handle

Nav light wiring on VJDJ Contura Rocker switch - unlabeled terminal on right is not used.

Wiring for Navigation lights including a masthead light with
Carling LT 2561 lighted tip toggle switch

Wiring Hatch Lift with Special Reversing Switch LT-25X1-3

Wiring Fuel Tank Selector Switch VEDA-1 on/on/on